3 Traveler-Friendly Vegetarian Recipes

by Britta-Lis on February 19, 2011

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As it turns out, I don’t always have to rewrite recipes to make them traveler-friendly. I was searching this week for recipes that sounded good enough and were simple enough to modify and/or update to turn into on-the-road recipes, but I found several that were, with minor modifications, already there. So, today I’m doing something a little different: Instead of changing the recipes around into my own version, I’m linking to the original version here.

The three recipes are all from Vegetarian Times — I like the magazine for its unusual takes on traditional recipes, and as I prefer to cook vegetarian anyway, I find this magazine to be a great resource. (For the record, I would probably be described as “flexitarian” — a new-agey term for someone who only eats meat sometimes.) The recipes, of course, call for oils and spices, but I’ve explained the use of the spice kit ingredients in their place.

Spinach and Blood Orange Salad

This salad recipe calls for blood orange, but any type of orange or citrus fruit will work, depending on where you are in the world and what’s available to you. The ingredients make four servings, so use my shopping list below and follow the directions in the recipe

Shopping List
Spinach – a few handfuls for salad
Macadamia or other nuts – a handful
1 orange or blood orange
1 ear of corn

Spinach and Blood Orange Salad

Replace the dressing ingredients with the ingredients in your spice kit: use a dash of garlic powder (instead of the garlic clove), half a small spoonful of red wine vinegar (instead of the sherry vinegar), and a small spoonful of olive oil (in place of the hazelnut oil). Use half a spoonful of mustard and the juice from the orange, squeezed in slowly to taste. Orange juice and zest is always added to cranberry recipes — make the reverse true and add a handful of dried cranberries for another flavor.

Rice Noodle Bowl with Broccoli and Bell Peppers

This recipe was actually written as a single serving, so there’s no need to use a fraction of the ingredients. The ingredients list does call for 1/4 or 1/2 cup of ingredients — use the traveler’s rule of thumb here and just use very small versions of each of the veggies, to avoid leftovers. If that equals too much food for you, leave your least favorite veggie out. This is similar to the last recipe I posted, Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce, but different enough that I thought it worth including here.

Shopping List
Rice noodles – a handful if you can find them in bulk, or save the rest of the package for another time
1 very small onion, or a shallot
1 very small red bell pepper
1 very small head of broccoli (or a handful of florets from the market (or salad bar))
Peanuts, optional (more than a handful — eat the rest for a snack tomorrow afternoon)
1 packet soy sauce
1 packet sugar

Rice Noodle Bowl with Broccoli and Bell Pepper

Use the red wine vinegar in your spice kit in place of the rice vinegar, and use your olive oil in place of the canola oil. Use your chili powder with a little extra water in place of the chile sauce. The flavors are a little different, but it will still add enough spice. And use 1/2 small spoonful of powdered garlic in place of the fresh. If you can’t find a very small onion, try a shallot — just one is the right serving size for one person, but its flavor is a little more potent. For a milder flavor, try a couple of green onions.

Guadalajaran Swiss Chard Quesadillas

This is a different take on quesadillas, but one that would work well for the traveler. It doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, and it’s easy and quick to make. Again, the recipe makes 4 servings, but following the amounts in the shopping list will save you from having to do all the division.

Shopping List
1 very small onion (or a shallot or green onions)
1 jalapeno or serrano chile
handful Swiss chard (or other bitter green)
Tortillas (at least 2, or the smallest quantity you can find, usually packages of 1/2-dozen)
Monterey Jack cheese (from the deli counter – a few slices, or the smallest package you can find)
Tequila, optional – small bottle (although if you’re in a hostel, you won’t have any trouble getting rid of the leftovers!)

Guadalajaran Swiss Chard Quesadillas

As usual, use garlic powder in place of the fresh garlic (about 1/2 small spoonful), and use your ground cumin in place of the cumin seeds. Use as much of the jalapeno as you like — the more you use, the spicier your quesadillas will be. Skip the tequila and add a little water instead if you’re not into cooking with alcohol (or carrying it around with you afterward). Use a different bitter green if you can’t find Swiss chard (spinach will work), or skip the greens altogether for a more traditional quesadilla.

You may have a few leftovers, depending on which recipe you make, and depending on in what quantities you’re able to buy your ingredients. They’re simple ingredients to use up, however (like tortillas: if you’re carrying peanut butter like I always do, make a peanut butter tortilla instead of a peanut butter sandwich). Be creative, or just share with your hostel- or vacation rental-mates.

Your Take

Got a recipe to share? Or a suggestion or modification? Post the recipe or the link in the comments below.

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